sunnuntai 9. joulukuuta 2012

Motor adapter plate

I also made a template for the motor adapter plate from a piece of particle board I found lying around.

If you look closely you may also notice that the transmission has gotten a little cleaner than before. I washed the engine compartment as well as I could given the circumstances. The adapter template should allow me to either make a CAD drawing for a complete part to be manufactured at a shop or perhaps I'll just make a copy of it using a sheet of suitably thick aluminium. We'll see which will come to be.


Here's an interesting product I accidentally came across this morning. It's a little device that's meant to automatically switch between engine and cabin heaters in the winter. First it heats the engine and then switches to cabin heating until the engine cools too much. My idea is to use it to first heat the battery pack and when it's built in heat sensor detects the pack temperature to be at +5 Celsius it will switch on the cabin plug in which I have connected my charger. In essence making sure that charging won't be started unless there's sufficient heat in the battery box. I'm assuming I can safely leave it in all year and once it gets cold enough it just starts doing it's thing.

Their web page is here and you can also buy them here It's compatible with the usual Defa heating system. Simple and convenient. Gotta love it.