sunnuntai 19. marraskuuta 2017

Still alive

Zoe has been working great. I have well over 10.000 km on the clock now and the only issue I've had is the "Check ELECTRIC System" error which occasionally pops up on the display, but apparently it's much less serious than it sounds and nothing to do with the high voltage system. I'll mention in the first service next year, but that's all. Also funny are some of the translations from french, for example pre-heat is pre-soak. Well, the weather has been quite a soak this fall. The 40+ kWh battery is amazing and I've actually pretty much stopped looking at the range meter. It's more like with an ICE car where you just know or notice that it's time to fill up instead of continously monitoring the state of charge.

The converted Citroën Xsara is also working as usual. Had to have it's yearly inspection done and still nothing to fix on it. The brakes could be better, but they still get the job done in city driving. I did notice that the ethanol heater I have in the car wasn't putting out much heat, but turned out I just had to bleed the "cooling" system. Luckily it's really easy to do and the heat was back right away.