torstai 10. tammikuuta 2013

All Quiet on the Western Front

I've been keeping busy with other parts of life, hence no blog posts on EVs in a while. Also I have the car mostly outside, albeit under covers, but still in either bloody cold or nasty damp weather. No warm, dry garage for me at the moment. I have the motorbikes in the garage, but it's still cold.

It doesn't mean my brain has stopped working though and I've been thinking about the projects a lot. I even got around to making some inquiries on the possibility of obtaining some aluminium for the motor adapter plate. Turns out nobody has anything in storage, ordering costs more than actual material and aluminium isn't cheap either. There goes my plan of buying some and playing around with it.

That means it's back to the CAD program and having everything made somewhere based on my drawings. For some reason that also has near zero attractiveness at the moment. Someone on a Citroën forum did point me in the direction of a PSA XU engine brochure which included a priceless picture of the motor with proper measurements and angles of the transmission facing bits. Will make my life a lot easier with the CAD, as soon as I can get around to it.

Reprinted without any permission whatsoever.

I also find myself thinking about battery placement in the kWsaki and dreaming of doubling the amount of SE40AHA cells to get to the 80km+ range I originally had in mind. I think it will happen during spring/summer as well. The kWsara also needs more batteries to move anywhere, so the additional cells will double as both cells for the kWsaki and testing the kWsara.

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