keskiviikko 17. huhtikuuta 2013

First ride of the season, car progress and more

Here's the bike after the first ride of the season. Only a little less than 20 km leisure cruise. Everything still works as before and top speed of the ride was 104 km/h. A total of 20.62 Ah or 1481.4 Wh was consumed. Max battery amps were 422.5 A and minimum voltage under load 57.2 V. The bottom fairing is missing because it needs cleaning and perhaps I will also modify it a little for hopefully improved aerodynamics. I also bought an extended front fender from ebay to reduce water and crap flying into the motor and batteries

My KP-K 2000 W charger doing it's thing. I just keep it in a large tank bag from Biltema. It just fits with enough clearance for air flow. All 20 amps going into the 40 Ah pack with no problem whatsoever. I'd charge faster if I had a bigger charger and was comfortable with pulling over 2000 W the usual Schuko plug. I had outlets with a 16 A fuse installed, but just the other day I noticed the charger's connector getting pretty hot. For faster charging better connectors would definitely be in order.

I also started putting together the motor with the flywheel, clutch and so on. It's a bit more ghetto than I'd like, but I'll have to make do with the time and the tools that I have. At least I'll have room for improvement later if I find myself bored and with too much time in my hands... Right, maybe in thirty years or so when I reach retirement.

A bit of news I actually picked up in the local newspaper, Fortum and Nissan along with the ABC! stations have teamed up to provide a network of 50 quick charge stations in Finland. With Nissan on board there should be no question of whether they'll be CHAdeMO or not. The good part is that it's the best option available right now. The bad is that it's highly proprietary and not available for free. However, I did find an open-chademo project which hopefully will make it possible for private converters to equip their vehicle with a CHAdeMO plug. Me included, I hope.

Update! Looks like the charging stations may actually have both CHAdeMO for 50 kW DC and Mennekes for 43 kW AC charging. At least according to this press release from last year. Nice!

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