keskiviikko 10. heinäkuuta 2013

All kinds of progress

I've been making all kinds of progress. The motor is mounted to the car and I also decided on a controller. In fact, I went ahead and ordered the whole lot, including the controller, a DC/DC converter and an assembly for the controller.

But first things first. I pieced together something to firmly attach the four points that needed attaching. The motor itself, the transmission, the drive shaft and one of the original motor mounts. The only way to get it done was to just try to position everything the way they seemed want to be and start welding together pieces of steel to keep them there permanently.

I think it came out quite fine. You can judge for yourself be looking at the pictures below. The little triangular piece attaches the drive shaft and the motor from below.

I was browsing the Kelly Controls website when I came across their KHD12600D controller, which they had on sale. I added the assembly for it and a DC/DC converter too. They had reasonable prices and also reasonable shipping fees, which is not usually the case. They came through amazingly as well. I put in the order on Sunday, got an email from Kelly on Monday and DHL delivered the package today, Wednesday. Ten out of ten for both Kelly and DHL.

As you can see the controller came fully assembled with contactor, pre-charge resistor, diode and fuse. Very nice. The only ugly part was the crap on the other end of the DC/DC converter. Not very professional. Tried to clean it up a bit myself to make it a little more bearable. That was after I had taken the photo.

Next up mounting the assembly into the car and loaning the battery pack from the kWsaki electric motorcycle. Obviously a box to put the batteries in must also be deviced. After that it should be time for a little test drive. If that goes well I'll need to tackle the nasty but important power brakes and cabin heating.

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