torstai 15. toukokuuta 2014

Faith in the system

Some faith in the system was restored today. Trafi had sent the vehicle tax information and to my great surprise they had done the right thing after all and decided to tax the vehicle based on zero emissions! The alternative would have been to tax it based on weight, which is the default for pre-2001 vehicles under 2500 kg.

Actually I now noticed that it actually says so on the Trafi web page:

Autojen, joiden ainoa käyttövoima on sähkö, perusvero määräytyy päästötiedon 0 g/km mukaan.
I hadn't noticed that before and obviously the person I asked this about earlier hadn't either.

The downside is that electric-only vehicles are blessed with a separate tax to counter the fact that they don't use any heavily taxed gasoline. That amounts to 0,255 cents per day for this vehicle, while the base tax is 0,118 per day. 136,14 € total per year.

In any case, at least I'm not getting any extra punishment for converting such an old vehicle. As a bonus I'll save some money in the yearly inspection, since the vehicle needs no emissions tests.

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