torstai 27. syyskuuta 2012

Car chosen

Here's my next conversion. It's a 1997 Citroën Xsara. The latest model you can easily convert here in Finland I believe (but I'm not sure). It may not look like much now, but I'm hoping to spruce it up quite a bit. After all it's just a chassis, a base for the conversion. The front might get a big makeover and a new coat of paint is not far fetched at all. Other than that it's a suitable 5 door hatchback with a front wheel drive and it drives suprisingly well.

And yes, it's called the kWsara.

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  1. If your "easily" refers to requirement of EMC-testing, the latest model is anything first registered before 10/2002. Before that the EMC testing was only required from vehicles with spark ignition system, which EVs do not have (I hope..) This according to Trafi.

    1. I'm referring to EC type-approval which became mandatory 1.1.1998. After that all new cars must be type-approved as a whole and making changes to them is difficult afaik. There's a list of things you can change, but engine is not one of them.

  2. Good luck Jarkko. Have you seen that has a Soliton1 and DC motor appoved for the EU (via German TUV)?

  3. Yes and I've talked to them about it. You can order motor, controller and EMC kit all one by one if you. Also the EMC kit is approved for use with any DC motor, not just the Kostovs they sell.

    I've also contacted NetGain Controls regarding the very interesting PulsaR charger-controller-converter-all-in-one and they have a Germany company working on it's testing as well, but they said it should take a year or so to get that sorted.

  4. Its a great idea to combine most of the things into one box and if they can get it approved for the EU then it will make conversions much easier here.
    I found your blog from and i have been following Jack since he started his show. I'm also living in Finland (Lappeenranta) and I would like to do a conversion but the EU approval process is holding me back. I somehow got the impression from sähköauto-nyt that emc tests are required for all added electronic components but are you saying that its not needed if the donor car is pre 1998?

    My little checklist for doing a conversion in the EU is this:

    - do not change more than 49% of the car
    - do not increase the weight (or then loose the back seats)
    - use emc approved components (or pay 5000e for testing them)
    - use mass produced components (not custom produced)
    - keep a list of the changed components and manufacturer
    - do not alter brake system (ie keep abs, but traction control can be disabled)


  5. No EMC related questions were asked when I had my 1987 motorcycle inspected after the conversion. I don't see why the same person would start asking the questions when I drive there with the car. I might actually initially use all the same components for it except the motor itself.

    I think the car-specific EMC requirements date to circa 2003 so a 2001-2002 car should still pass those without question. However the EC type-approcal which came mandatory from 1.1.1998 is the one I'm worried about. I've understood that you can only change parts to a type-approved vehicle which have been approved for that particular vehicle. On the other hand some people have said that the EC thing is not a problem at all so go figure.

    In the end I think what matters is the person inspecting the vehicle. If he doesn't know anything about these thing then probably none of this will matter and living further away from Helsinki probably makes it more likely that this is the case.

    The problem with the Sähköautot forum is that some of the people writing have their own agenda. They are importing electric vehicles and/or converting them and obviously they'd rather sell their product. This goes for the BMS wars as well. At least some of the people want to develop and sell their own BMS which means they can't admit you don't need one.

  6. Things I'm more worried about than EC approval or EMC issues:

    - Getting the power brakes working
    - Not breaking ABS
    - Getting the power steering working

    Power steering mainly for usage viability. I don't think it's required to be working.