sunnuntai 9. syyskuuta 2012

Finally shipping

My 25th cell is finally on it's way from Germany. I put the order in at a couple of weeks ago and they were kind enough to fill the order last Thursday after claiming they had done it on Wednesday. Tracking says otherwise. Now I do realise it's just a single SE40AHA cell and they make no money from it whatsoever, but the lack of customer service pretty much guarantees I will not order a big number of CA cells from them either. did their job much better and with no hassle so that's still the place to go for me. Unfortunately they don't even list other than CA180FI size cells, but I'm sure they'll have others by the time I have another project going. Which might as well be never, but I'm hoping otherwise as always.

Other than that I hope the weather stays comfortable to ride for a while longer. Having said that I did end up driving the bike in quite a bit of rain as well. I was at a friend's place helping out with some Linux details and it starter pouring while we were at it. Had to get home so I just decided to give it a go and got home with zero problems. There was quite a bit of water everywhere, but it didn't cause any issues. Actually I think I made my mpg record too. Wet weather makes one gentle on the throttle.

I did get into a talk about swapping my older bike, the Z500 I had planned to convert first, for a VW Beetle, but it sort of dried up. I'd like to get a well restored specimen with a broken down engine. Preferably free as well. Not likely to happen. More likely one of our cars to suffer an engine malfunction. And they're not too likely to be break either. The other one being a Honda VTEC and the other a diesel. Among the list of cars I should have kept for future conversion is a VW Golf that needed to have it's engine replaced. The car I really feel bad about losing though was my first, a 1977 Honda Civic 1200. Now if I could travel back in time to get that beauty back in the condition it was... Oh boy oh boy. It would have made a beautiful electric vehicle.

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