lauantai 6. lokakuuta 2012

Got motors!

Just picked the two old Elcat motors from Järvenpää and here they are in the trunk of my diesel car:

The motors are a bit different. The other one has a long shaft with keyhole and the other one a short shaft with teeth. Both have a Subaru motor plate on them and some sort of an adapter which can hopefully be modified to fit the Citroën flywheel. Good times.

Edit: Apparently these motors were not used in any production Elcats. They were just prototypes. I wonder why they weren't chosen? Let me know if you have more information. Continous 60 minutes kW rating seems a little less than in production specs, but on the other hand max rpm is higher at 8000.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Pretty good specs it seems. You could adjust brush timing and put more volts through another motor. More volts but same amps. This will extend torque curve further towards higher rpm. Means less shifting. Means also more power which these motors likely stand.

    I thought Elcats had compound wound motors, no?

    1. Apparently these were prototype motors and never actually used in production. The factory that made in Denmark has even been shut down for years now. Real vintage then. The brushes on the other one are hardly used and on the other not even broken in!