tiistai 5. marraskuuta 2013

The non-update

Not much to be told at this time I'm afraid. The lack of a warm, clean garage is slowing me down. I did get the Power Steering pump working though thanks to this blog post I found. It was just as simple as they told. Just connect the two big wires to the 12 volt supply and two of the control pins to plus and it ran. Ran quiet too. I think it will make for some excellent power steering. Possibly even better than what the car originally had. Now I'll just have to get the piping fitted.

Still trying to find an electrician who would check my high voltage connections. Well, it's not even high voltage really. It's really, really low voltage at around 80 volts DC, but the rules say they must be inspected. Apparently it's enought though that the eletrician checks just the high voltage circuit and general installation of high voltage components and the rest of the E100 paper can be dealt with at the inspection. That means I'm pretty much ready for the inspection. Well, maybe I need to install those charging plugs and bolt the battery box to the car, but other than that it should be all good.

The rest of the components for the brakes and heat did also arrive. I should now be able to construct the vacuum assembly for the brakes. Not expecting any problems there. Just a matter of some tubing, a relay and a piece of aluminium to keep them in place. I'm kind of hoping to get that done within the next week. Either that or the heat, which will consist of three 500 watt PTC elements. I will replace the pollen filter in the car with those elements and see if the result is sufficient heat to pass the inspection. Fingers crossed.

I'm also constantly thinking about replacing my expertly welded motor to transmission adapter with an industrial flexible joint. It may have to wait until later though. The thought of once again removing the motor is not extremely appealing at this point. I will need to improve the motor mounts though. Oh, such a long list of little things to do here and there.

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