torstai 28. marraskuuta 2013

Heat or no heat

So I thought I'd assemble and install my brilliant PTC heating system. It consist of three 500W elements meant for 110VAC, a fuse and one of the temperature monitoring relays that came with the elements. Seemed to work really nicely like this, with no air flow going throught them. Almost scary even, because the elements quickly shot up to 100 degrees Celsius and kept on going until 200 degrees.

Imagine my disasppointment when I had them installed and found out they made nearly zero heat once in action. Oh, if I put the blower on first setting there was a little bit of heat, but not nearly enough to clear the windshield. I suppose I just have to give up and find a liquid tank heater to get the job done. Meh.

It wasn't a complete waste of time though, because now I have the wiring ready for whatever heating system I end up with. The smallish 80 amp contactor in the right is what controls it. The DC/DC converter wires come in from the left. The Kelly controller is sticking in from the top and motor wires go out to the left. That throttle pot system is a bit flimsy still and it will need another spring, but that's another improvement that might have to wait until later.

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