keskiviikko 30. huhtikuuta 2014

Front pack in

I also got the front battery box installed. I'll tidy it up later as well after the car has passed inspection. In any case, it fits and holds all 25 of SE40AHA 40Ah cells with room to spare.

The spare space gets used for a couple of components. Mainly the main contactor and shunt for Ah counting. The battery cables from the rear battery box and the outgoing cables into the controller will go thru the four gland nuts in the upper right corner. Cycle Analyst wires and contactor relay wiring will come in from the left.

After swapping the Webasto for another at Toni's Takeover at no cost, I finally have a working heat setup. The pump from ebay also works as advertised. The tiny tank provides gasoline for longer than the batteries can carry, but not much. In any case I now have more heat than I'll ever need. Probably more than my daily diesel driver ever puts out. The Webasto control panel found a place in the dash as well. It was easy to attach it to the fuse box cover, so that's where it went. I won't be using the timing functions so it doesn't matter if the screen cannot be read well. The on/off button is still easy to access and the red lights which come on are also easy to see.

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  1. Looking good! Is the front box the same type as the rear one? So you'd have space for 60Ah cells if you decide to upgrade those as well and move the 40Ah cells back to bike? Man I'm so tempted to begin a car project of my own. Again you make it look so simple (which it basically is, if you have the time...). Maybe next year...

    1. Yes, it's the same aluminum box from Biltema both in the front and the rear. The front box has a small pice missing in the middle to allow the motor support to fit. It's quite a tight fit all around and just fits in the space available. The length of it is also quite perfect. You know what they say - it's better to be lucky than it's to be good. It should fit SE60AHA cells too. Or some other newer cell type.

      I'm kind of hoping I'll get the 60 Ah cells into the kWsaki some day. I have a 600 amp controller for it now, which should make it go rather nicely and a bit further as well. With a new charger and couple cells more there might be some extra speed to be gained as well, since the controller would also go up to 120 volts. Or just change the gear ratio, if I get more torques as well.

      It probably looks a lot easier in the blog and pictures. Not that it's really hard in real life either, but it is quite a bit of work, not to mention huge amounts of trial and error, which I don't post all of. Mainly just the stuff that works out. :)

      I'm hoping to get an electrician to visit next week to fill the papers and perhaps the week after that get the "muutoskatsastus" done. I'm a little doubtful that the vehicle would pass the normal yearly check-up, but if I get it registered as electric that'll be the big thing anyway. I can then fix whatever else they find.

    2. I can imagine. Even with the motorcycle there was certain amount of "head-scratching" involved and it was a lot more simple job. Good luck with the inspection!

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