sunnuntai 6. huhtikuuta 2014

Snake's nest

I thought I'd give you a little glimpse into the snake's nest which is the main wiring box next to the controller. It's not all pretty and organized inside, as you can see. I'll try to go through what I have in there now, which may of course change at any time.

In the top left we have the big orange 50 mm2 cables coming in from the batteries. They go into the controller B+ (top) and B- poles (bottom left). Cables from the controller into the motor go out to the left.

In the top right corner you can just see a fuse box with a 30 A fuse in it, coming from the B+ pole and going into the left pole of the small 80 A contactor. The contactor is there to drive the Half Speed Reverse (pin 4) of the AXE7245 controller. It also acts as a distribution point for other high voltage equipment. The contactor itself is controlled by the signal from the gearbox reverse indicator.

From the high voltage distribution pole of the contactor the blue wires go into the AXE7245 controller (pin 1 for power), into the white connector which is connected to the 400W 13.5V DC/DC Converter and the gray Linksys PSU which outputs 12 VDC. 

Between the gray PSU and the contactor is a little black box, which takes that 12 VDC and converts it into 5 VDC, which drives the TPS in the carburetor housing. The 5 VDC negative is connected to the AXE controller (pin 3) and positive to the TPS (that yellow-green-pink roll of wire). The 1.2-3.5 VDC signal from the TPS goes into the controller (pin 2).

I couldn't use the +5 VDC from the car's original wiring loom, because it's ground to chassis and pin 3 of the AXE controller is connected to traction battery negative. It would create a ground leak, which is a bad idea and a big no-no if I'd like to get the car inspected.

At the bottom you can just see another black fuse box with a 50 A fuse coming in from the left from the DC/DC Converter and going out in the right to the +12 VDC vehicle positive distribution point.

That I believe is all I have in there right now. It's quite possible that I'll need to move the main contactor, shunt and service switch in to the front of the vehicle, but I think I'll have room for them in the front battery box. There certainly isn't much more room in this box.

The Linksys + 5 VDC converter combo may be replaced with a more professional solution later.

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