lauantai 28. helmikuuta 2015

Update on cell testing

Just a quick update regarding my previous posts on the SE40AHA cells that seemed to be fine after all. So far, in testing the cells by draining them to about 2.6 volts I've found that out of the 33 cells I have, nine seem to have internal shorts. I can tell this by leaving the cells at 2.6 volts and monitoring their voltage. The bad cells have gone down in voltage, some already below 2 volts. They must therefore have internal shorts. The better cells have bounced back a little and then kept their voltage.

So it looks like I might have 24 usable cells. Unfortunately this doesn't really match anything I have in use. The car, Xsara or kWsara, has 25 cells in series, and the motorcycle, kWsaki, is set up for 29 cells with it's 102.2 volt charger. So it's either figure out something else to do with the cells, get a new charger perhaps, or try to find a couple of SE40AHA cells. Unfortunately GWL Power doesn't list them anymore. They are a couple of generations old now, so it's understandable that they'll be unavailable. Sinopoly has similar black 40 Ah cells, which might do just fine, though.

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