tiistai 26. kesäkuuta 2012


Thanks to an amazingly friendly next door neighbour I now have a garage to work on the motorcycle!

I've also washed the GPX off of all the grease leaked from the petrol engine. That includes crud accumulated by the chain over the years which I won't be unfortunately getting rid of. That's because I've decided on the ME1003 motor along with Alltrax AXE7245 controller from evdrives.com. The MHM602 from Enertrac was tempting, but just too expensive as a whole.

I will initially use 18 pcs of small 12 V AGM batteries with are used in UPSes. The should give me a 72 V pack of about 15 Ah or 1 kWh at a weight of 45 kg. Also looking into A123 cells from the EVTV store.

Update! I have now ordered the motor and controller mentioned above. Happy happy joy joy!

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