torstai 21. kesäkuuta 2012

ICE free!

It is done. The engine has been removed. All 68 kg of it. Previously removed exhaust pipes and mufflers have been weighed at 9 kg. The rest of the junk in a big plastic box came in at 15 kg. That gives me 92 kg to play with. Not including the liquids which would have weighted 15-20 kg. In total we're looking at more than 100 kg which should be plently for a motor and a lot of batteries. Hooray!

There you have the compulsory ICE free shot. With the addition of the seat the scale was tilted 39 kg in the front and 49 kg in the back. The rest of it will be the fairings and the metal tank which I may or may not eventually do something about. I'll close this with a shot of the never ending versatility of the Ikea bag.

Yes, you can carry a 68 kg engine in it without breaking the bag.

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