maanantai 18. kesäkuuta 2012

It is on

Looks like I couldn't wait. Instead I spent four hours yesterday taking the bike apart. The picture isn't very good I'm afraid, but I think you can still see the results below. Couple of things came to mind. A) I will never again buy a faired motorcycle. B) I will never again buy a liquid cooled motorcycle. Unless you've actually done this youself it's probably quite impossible to imagine the trouble you need to go thru with those fairings, but the real source of agony lies in the liquids. Needless to say there was all kinds of goo coming out of all kinds of places. Getting the engine oil our from below was easy, but it also came out of the oil cooler and then there was the actual cooling liquid coming from the radiator, pipes, so on and so forth. As if that wouldn't have been enough the clutch was also hydraulic. More gooey liquid. Boy, oh boy, do these internal combustion engines take a boatload of stuff to function.

I'll try to take a good picture of all the crap that came off yesterday. It's a considerable heap already. Actually the only thing left is the main engine block. I might have to wait on that for a couple of days though. Or not. We'll see. Meanwhile you can look at the picture below. Now if I was inclined to fix the ICE on this one I might be somewhat curious on the whereabout of the missing bolt there...

ps. Latest change of plans in the battery deparment involves these 15 Ah cells from Headway. The NCR18650As are tempting, but it may not be a good idea to put many of them in series after all.

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