keskiviikko 15. elokuuta 2012

Faster charger

A new, faster charger is now on it's way from It's a 2 kW model which outputs 20 amps at 87.6 volts. This should allow me to charge my 40 A battery pack in two hours which is very nice indeed. Makes longer trips with planned charging stops possible and also daytime trips to nearby locations such as the family cabin in Luvia. I will still keep my 6 A charger for overnight charging to charge the batteries slower and possibly to a more full charge when time is not of essence. I'm also planning to make a test drive to figure out the 0-100km/h and quarter mile results at 300 amps using GPS and possibly on the same charge get a feel on how far I can go if I don't drive at best speed all the time. Minus the acceleration of course. Or two. Perhaps the hypermiling test will actually need a fresh charge.

Another idea I've been thinking of is should I drain the pack completely, ideally to 2.75 volts per cell, reset the Cycle Analyst and then charge. This would reverse the amp hour counting from the current counting from zero upwards to counting from -40A towards zero. The positive side of this would be that I'd know exactly how much juice I've put into the battery and would immediately notice not only the difference of charging at 6 A and 20 A, but also if the pack loses it's capacity over time. On a negative side I'd lose the cycle counting capability of the Cycle Analyst and also the per trip statistics in favor of total average over time. In this case the cons probably outweight the pros and I won't end up doing so.

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