perjantai 31. elokuuta 2012

New charger among other things

Got my big new charger yesterday. It really is big. However it does fit into my tank bag which makes it small enough to take on the road for a quick top up in about two hours from empty to fully charged. I also installed a LED light strip to function as a daytime running lamp as now permitted in the EU. This way I don't have to turn on the head or tail lights in daytime and thus save my 12 volt system from extra load. The LEDs are always on and take so little power I wasn't able to measure it with my ammeter.

But first here are couple of videos of my friend taking a ride with the kWsaki electric motorcycle. First taking off and coming back and then the actual footage from riding around Finnish countryside.

The first short video was shot with my Sony Xperia Pro phone and the latter with a GoPro on top of the tank. Here are also a couple of shots of the charger, DRL installation and an emergency cut off switch I also added which you can use to disengage the main contactor if there's trouble.

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