sunnuntai 5. tammikuuta 2014

Winter slowness

The winter has been extremely mild so far and we've actually kept above freezing pretty much the whole time, which is quite unusual. It's about to change soon though. The mild weather hasn't stopped me from not progressing with the car however.

I had a car at a shop some years ago and after it had been two weeks I decided to call them if they had made any progress. They told me they'd ordered a part, but it had been wrong. The owner went on to explain that when this sort of thing happens they get a bit depressed and haven't done anything after that, but I suppose they could try to get the part from a junk yard. That's pretty much the situation with me too since the heating plan I had failed to function as I had hoped.

I did find an electrian to do a check on the car, but I don't have everything ready for that either. I did manage to quickly see where the Electric Steering pump would go so here's a photo or two on that.

The plumbing will be fine. I'll just have to figure out how to fix the damn thing into the chassis of the vehicle. It's not like I haven't continuously kept thinking about that and other things like 12 V battery mounting, possible additional battery box placement, which batteries to get more of and so on. Nothing concrete however.

Actually I've spent most of my hobby time at the basement playing drums and constructing the music room for them. That's progressing nicely however. Next up, sauna. Oh, and back to work as well.

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