maanantai 20. tammikuuta 2014


How to interprete me. If I say I'll leave something be for a while it means that I'll probably go do something about it right away. Example follows. Yesterday I wrote a post and honestly thought I'd leave the car be a while, but then inspiration stroke and I just had to go see if the rather unsettling noise the motor had made was because of my DIY coupling, transmission or the motor itself. Turns out it was, at least partially, due to the motor. I took the motor off and spun it, which resulted in more than usual twisting about and a rather nasty whiny noise. So I  pulled the motor from the car completely.

A point to take home from this is "Don't open the hood if it has 10cm of snow on it. It'll rain down on everything." Well, it's just snow. The equipment should be able to handle it. Otherwise it won't have a very long life in a car anyhow.

Since the motor was making a nasty noise and I had been thinking of swapping the insides of my two otherwise identical motors due to them having different shafts and only once casing having the required identification plate with vital information despite obviously being otherwise identical, I decided to give the TTL-200C motor disassembly a go. It turned out to be much easier than I had ever dreamed.

Hooray. Looks like I'll have some cleaning up to do. I'll also see if I can detach the other end of the motor which holds the brushes. The only reason would be to clean it up a little and perhaps give it a fresh coat of paint. The old paint is pretty much gone and rust has started taking it's place, which doesn't make it really pretty. Oh and I'll have to see if I can get those bearings off and replaced for good measure. Especially since the casing I will be using had that nasty noise, most probably caused by the bearing at the brush end. As you can see the motor has no fan built-in, so it probably needs some external help to move the extra heat away.

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