perjantai 27. kesäkuuta 2014

Better, yes?

I improved the Air Intake Filtering System (AIFS, as I like to casually call it) a little bit. Still not the prettiest thing on the planet, but a little less protruding at least. I'll try to fix it a little more permanently once I have the new cells in.

On that note I have eight new CALB SE40AHA cells ready to rock. I noticed they have new cool vents with a little round cap on them that says CALB. I'll be sure to put these cells in the motorcycle so that they'll be the most visible ones. As for the bottom balancing, taking place here in the picture, I set my Professional Bottom Balancing Tool (or PBBT) to 2.7 volts, so the cells drained in parallel to 2.69 volts. The next day after disconnecting them from everything, including each other, they were at exactly 2.71 volts each. Shows that doing this in parallel works, all cells are good (bad cells would go down by themselves) and they are quite identical in all intents and purposes.

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