perjantai 25. heinäkuuta 2014

Adventures in Tireland

The rims that were too good to be true.

So I got those rims from a Peugeot 307, the same car I use for long distance travelling, and purchased 195/65R15 Michelin Energy Savers for them. They seemed quite nice under the kWsara and were dead silent, but alas, it was not meant to be. Hitting a bump made a nasty sound and in the end I just had to back off and get 175/65R14 tires for the original 14" steel rims. They didn't have Michelins in that size, so I chose Continental Premium Contact 5s. They're not quite as quiet, but still a lot quieter than whatever old tires I had on previously.

I'll use the Energy Savers on the alloy rims in my 307 probably next summer, when my current Nokian Hakka Greens are probably starting to run out, so it's not a real loss to have those two sets around.

I just can't emphasize enough how quiet the Michelin Energy Savers are. Definitely my go-to tire as of now.

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