maanantai 30. heinäkuuta 2012

Batteries galore

My blue CALB cells arrived today from The delivery was in time, in fact I had to delay them until I got back from home, and all cells seemed to be fine registering at 3.29 to 3.30 volts. I've already started draining them to 2.75 using the motorcycle lights to do the job. In fact I'm utilising both Kawasakis. Newer GPX draws a nice even 10 amps with all lights on while the older Z500 sips about eight. First group of four is already done or at least the weakest cell got down to 2.70 volts at which point I had to stop. It then happily bounced back to around 2.75. Others didn't get as low, but I will rearrange the stronger cells into new packs once all cells are close to empty and repeat until I have achieved balance at the bottom. A quick assembly of the cells into a final series of 24 will follow along with ful recharge of the whole. It will be interesting to see where the voltages of the cells end up at the top.


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