perjantai 13. heinäkuuta 2012

Motor mounted

I got the mounting plate from Hydroala today and immediately proceeded to mount the motor. I had already secured the battery to the chassis earlier. The motor mount will still need some additional support to prevent unwanted sideways movement. I also changed the rear sprocket to a new 49 tooth and tried to fit the 112 link chain I had acquired. Unfortunately I will need four more links for it to be long enough. Hopefully I can swap it for a longer one tomorrow or at least put one on order. The front sprocket I have also has a hole of correct bore in it now, but still no keyhole. We'll see if I can have one made or do I have to just give up and order a finished sprocket online. I may go for a 12 tooth if it comes down to that. One tooth less than what I have now. Funnily enough one tooth equals 10km/h more top speed with 13 teeth at about 130km/h. Next up along with solving the sprocket issue is mounting the rest of the equipment. A moderate amount of work I hope.

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