maanantai 2. heinäkuuta 2012


I'm currently waiting for an email from DHL containing the customs bill I will need to pay for the package to resume it's travel. Package of course contains my Kit #4AC from Meanwhile I've been gathering some suitable wires for the project. The invidual AGM batteries will be connected with 6 mm² cable each, totaling 18mm² for each 12V set of there, which will be then connected in series to get 72 V. 25 mm² cables will be used to connect from there to controller and motor. These correspond to about #9, #5 and #3 AWG respectively. Slightly larger than required at least for the controller/motor cabling, but a little overkill never hurt anyone, eh?

I haven't heard anything regarding my order for the charger from however. I hope they will come through, preferably sooner than later. I did get a second 12 V charger to speed up the charging while waiting for the proper device to arrive. The 12 V sets will be connected to poles which I can use for charging each set individually without taking anything apart. They will still be hidden below the tank or the seat so no children or animals should get hurt. Adults can fend for themselves.

As for the schematics I'm pretty much going with this example from Alltrax. The Contactor will run on 72 V so I will use another 12 V Contactor to engage it using the key on/off and the engine run/off switches. I may or may not add another emergency cut-off using a big main switch or a knife switch if I can find a suitable one or otherwise device a suitable solution.

I've also just put a Cycle Analyst on order which will allow me to know how far I can get on a charge. All in all everything is coming together very nicely and much faster than expected. I haven't really done any putting together yet, but over self confident as usual I'm not expecting any problems. We shall see whether reality agrees with me or not.

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