lauantai 7. heinäkuuta 2012

Battery box completion (or so I thought...)

When they said building the battery box is the biggest thing on the build or at the very least a big part of it, I did not believe them. Turns out they were right. Building a battery box seems to take time no matter what. I have however now completed mine and I'm also very satisfied with the results. Instead of a 6s3p configuration I decided to go with 7s2p instead. This raises the voltage to around 90 volts on a freshly charged lead pack, but the AXE7245/ME1003 combo should handle it. The high voltage threshold on the controlled has been set to the maximum 90 volts as well. We'll see what happens if we go above it, but at least on a near full pack all seems to be well and the motor runs nice on the bench. The couple of extra batteries are mainly for range, not top speed as such. I had to limit the maximum current to 50% or about 225 amps to save the batteries. Also included in my dual 8-battery boxes are two batteries in parallel for the 12 volt supply. Thanks to the external connecting poles I can charge the 12 volt sets with standard automotive chargers until I get my proper charger. Which by the way I've heard nothing of! The FedEx emails I've received were about the Cycle Analyst from Canada which also nice to have coming my way. EVAssemble should get their stuff together and ship already.

ps. Got an update from China! My charger is on it's way. Actually it's in Paris already. They just had sent me the wrong FedEx code. Phew. I may have to re-think my battery pack configuration though to accommodate for it's 87.6 volt charging voltage however. It's probably back to 6s3p which means I'll have to figure out where to put two more batteries. My boxes can only contain 16. And I thought it was finished.

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