perjantai 29. maaliskuuta 2013

Looper conversions

Just watched Looper on Blu-ray. Not a bad flick at all. Something that caught my eye were the vehicles. The makers of the film have stated they wanted a sort of a Cuba-ish feel to the vehicles in that there are old beat up vehicles that have obviously been converted to run on something other that originally ran with. Just like they have replaced engines in the old US cars with Soviet diesels (or so I've heard) in Looper they seem to have converted vehicles to run on a variety of fuels.

The main character drives a mint red sports car which seems not to have been modified in any way so it probably still runs on gasoline. Many cars have some added tubing going around the car from exhaust pipe are to gas cap. One of the characters drives an old Japanese motorcycle with some sort of turbine thing replacing the whole lower part of the vehicle. Many cars are also seen with solar panels on all flat surfaces.

That may not be very far from what the future might look like. Gas guzzlers will never go away, but as the price of gasoline will inevitably rise as the supplies eventually dimish a lot less people will want to drive them. It'll be a luxury reserved for the rich and those who restore or keep servicing old classics. Many will just drive on eletricity and some may opt for a fuel cell vehicles. Some will stick to ethanol.

It's just sad that the legislators (fuelled by lobbyists) try to prevent this future of modified vehicles. Let's just hope that tide will turn without the need for a anarchist future like the one depicted in Looper as well.

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