perjantai 29. maaliskuuta 2013

Spring is coming

It looks like spring is coming. For a nothern motorcyclist the sure signs are increasing amount of dry, ice free asphalt and the accompanying urge to tinker with two wheelers to get them ready for the season. Today I finally did something I had been thinking about since I got the bike inspected last summer. The Cycle Analyst was placed in a less than optimal location below the lock and rather badly in the way, not to mention hard to read while driving. Now it has moved to a better position above the original instrument panel. Looks very good and should be much more user friendly. Good times.

ps. I also lifted the bike on it's center stand, gave the motor a little spin and checked the cells. All came in at 6.56 or 6.57 volts a pair. I'd call that pretty well balanced.

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