sunnuntai 31. maaliskuuta 2013

New battery and first charge

New aux battery, 15 V PSU, main shunt and a fuse.

I installed a new auxiliary battery yesterday. It's a 12 V 12 Ah lead acid battery from Biltema, product number 80-268. I'm charging it with an old Toshiba laptop power supply, which puts out a maximum of 5 A at 15 V. It's a little high, but we'll see how this goes. Previously I used old, small UPS batteries, but they probably weren't very good for this purpose and pretty much died. Without the lights on the brick seemed to put out less than an amp, but when I turned on the headlights it ramped up to 5 A. Obviously it's mean for 100-250 VAC, but it seems to run from 80 VDC as well. If the main traction pack falls much below that it will give up, but I suppose that could actually be a good thing. At least it won't drain the pack empty.

That's my fully charged voltage for 25 CALB cells.

I also recharged the traction pack for the first time after the winter. It had been sitting about six months. I had used it to test the TTL200C motor a bit since the last charge and also gave the ME1003 motor in the motorcycle a little spin just before the charge. Only 1.39 Ah went in. So I can pretty safely say the cells haven't discharged by themselves at all. If I hadn't used the pack at all this would equal about 0.5% self discharge per month. Alas I have and no such thing exists. The specs on these cells aren't lying though. 0% is still below 3%. It's really just a number they came up with when they got tired of silly people asking what's the self discharge and they wouldn't believe there is none.

One last shot of the new Cycle Analyst placement from a slightly better angle. Very, very nice.

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