sunnuntai 16. helmikuuta 2014

Power brakes too

Today I installed another long standing piece of the puzzle. Namely the vacuum pump for the power brakes. In addition to the pump itself the system consists of a vacuum sensor, a relay controlled by the sensor, a vacuum tank and tubing. The pump is installed on some flexible rubber mounts to prevent extra vibration noise. The pump doesn't seem to come on too often, so there's plenty of good vacuum there.

The wiring needs to be cleaned up. Again. I also now have the AXE 7245 controller instead of the Kelly I had before, because the AXE can use the 0-5V from the carburetor TPS, which I'll try to use as the throttle.

A bonus picture: Vacuum pump and a valve I attached with Sugru. The valve stops the vacuum from escaping. It's made from a 4.99€ brake bleeding set from Biltema. Inside the metal part there's a ball and a spring, which let air go out, but not back in.

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